My accurate psychic medium readings give you the specific information you need to make the best choices, therefore, creating the life you always imagined.


15 + years

Actively serving the DFW metroplex for over 15+ years. Read the great reviews online under Psychic medium readings by Heavengazer.

a true born psychic medium

Which means she does not use any tools such as tarot cards, runes, or astrology. Susan connects directly with the Universe quickly to get you the answers you need.


Was one of Keen’s Top Psychics, and was also featured on California Psychics regularly.



Susan is a true-born psychic medium. She’s been serving the DFW metroplex for 20 years now…

customer reviews

Are you at an important crossroads in your life? Have you not been sure what path to take for a while now? Reach out to Susan, a true-born psychic medium. She does not use tarot cards, astrology, runes, or any other tools. Rather, Susan connects directly with the universe to get you the answers that you desire. There are no gimmicks, tricks, or false promises here. Susan will consult with you on the future events heading your way. She’ll also provide advice on the best way to deal with things. Do you have a party coming up? Then why not dazzle your guests with some psychic readings? Susan does everything from small dinner parties to full-blown birthday bashes. Public gatherings do not affect her accuracy at all. This is a true testament to her talent! Her practice is 100% genuine and can help you discover more about yourself and the things headed your way! She does readings nationwide! Do you want to know about the things coming up in your future so that you can prepare for them? Great! Then you’re going to love Susan. Experience a true psychic medium reading from a real medium. 

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