If you want an accurate psychic reading from a true medium

Susan is a true-born psychic medium. She’s been serving the DFW metroplex for 20 years now, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon! In fact, she has fantastic reviews online by Heavengazer. Be sure to check out these testimonials to see the love Susan’s clients have for her! Trust us, she’s touched and affected many lives in a very positive way. She was one of Keen’s top psychics, and she was featured on California Psychics quite often. Susan is renowned nationwide for her amazing abilities.



Susan does not need tricks or tools to connect with the universe. She just needs your first name and the first name of the people involved. That’s it. Susan has had her God-given abilities since birth. She can connect directly to the universe to get all the answers that you desire. She’s able to enter an alternate state of consciousness, or ASC, to achieve this. Entering into an ASC is an ancient technique used by shamans and other natural healers throughout time. Have no fear here, Susan has answers specifically for you today!

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